On January 27th 2017, Ceegon and TESTiLABS agreed upon a service agreement, under which the companies agreed TESTiLABS to be the new sales and marketing channel for Ceegon SW testing and field test services. With TESTiLABS’ extensive connections to global markets, Ceegon expects to acquire new customers and projects in the relevant field.

TESTiLABS has signed several Service agreements with various other high tech test service providers, and Ceegon is proud to be one of these trusted TESTiLABS partner companies.  “Ceegon SW testing and global field test services setups and competences are what TESTiLABS needs to have in it’s portfolio”, says Tapio Laurila, a board member of TESTiLABS.

“We at Ceegon, are truly excited to work together with TESTiLABS, and increase our sales and marketing through TESTiLABS’ global channels and services.  This is a superb opportunity for Ceegon to increases it’s sales & marketing efforts with reasonable costs, our expectations from this co-operation are high”, says Petri Pajarinen, the Managing Director of Ceegon. Business Development Manager Hannu Juntunen will lead the co-operation activities between Ceegon and TESTiLABS.TiL logo

For more information about TESTiLABS, please visit testilabs.com