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Petri Pajarinen

CEO & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder

Petri has been CEO since co-founding Ceegon in September 2012. During its 8 years of operation, Ceegon has provided services to companies ranging from small local businesses to multinational companies with customers all over the world.
Petri has an extensive professional history in the telecommunication business. As Head of Product Validation at Nokia, he responsibly led the team to ensure Nokia Mobile Phones product quality. In this role, Petri managed employees in various locations around the world. He has also held several other management positions and has extensive experience in leading local and global teams.


+358 40 5310460


Hannu Juntunen

VP, Business Development

VP, Business Development

Hannu´s role as Business Advisor at Ceegon started right after it was founded in 2012. In autumn of 2016, he joined Ceegon´s management team and is responsible for business development activities.

Hannu has a strong background in both entrepreneurship and global technology business. He worked for Nokia Mobile Phones in various roles, including after sales, R&D and business development in Oulu and Vancouver. Hannu has over three decades of CEO and COB experience with small businesses in the mechanical engineering, telecommunication and consumer electronics industries, as well as retail and service industries.


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Tommi Kiviniemi

Business Advisor, Co-Founder

Business Advisor & Co-Founder

Tommi is a co-founder of Ceegon, as well as a business advisor. He brings his world-class know-how in SW testing and his excellent connections to Ceegon to gain more business opportunities and to improve service offerings. Tommi has previously worked for Nokia Mobile Phones, where he lead the SW Testing organization. He has had several management positions and has exceptional knowledge of global markets. While living in Vancouver, Canada, Tommi established an excellent network in the US and Canadian markets.


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