Mobile Devices Field Testing

Mobile devices field testing is critical for the success of any handset launched in the market as it is a key indicator of its performance, software quality and stability.  Testing is needed to be done in the various operators commercial networks. Ceegon can provide global field testing with test reports & maturity statements. This will give confidence to sales Go/No-Go decision making.


We have experience from testing products with the latest technological innovations, including VoLTE and VoWIFI in various locations globally. Our teams have tested products running on Android, iOS, S40, Symbian and Windows Phone Operating Systems and with the latest and most used applications.

Ceegon offers Project Management and live network Field Testing for the full range of wireless enabled devices, from mobile phone core functionality to GSMA TS-11 specification, applications and services testing, through to modules and devices used in the automotive and telecommunications industries.

Global testing in operator commercial network conditions

Ceegon’s field test team executes mobile devices field testing in customer defined locations globally in operator commercial networks. Tests are divided into two categories:


Stationary test-cases execution ensures mobile devices operator and country/ region-specific features functionality.


Mobility cases are run in moving test van. Mobility test environment covers different network protocols, data download/upload and phone call functionality/success rate on a specified test routes. In the scope of mobility testing is also to ensure devices hand-overs, performance in the weak-field condition and in varying signal strength areas.


Ceegon on-demand team of field test engineers are ready to be deployed to any desired location within days. Our own teams are located in Salo, Oulu and Tampere, Finland. Together with our trusted partners, we can provide high quality global field testing with reasonable costs.

Ceegon partners:


Local engineers in UK.


Local engineers in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.


Local engineers in India.


Local engineers in various locations in China mainland & Hong Kong.


All Ceegon partner companies have been security audited. Ceegon field test partner companies are founded by ex-Nokia field test project managers, specialists and customer technical acceptance team managers with years of experience in global field testing.

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